Thursday, August 18, 2016

In The Aftermath

Most have seen the news of the horrible flooding in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas even though media coverage out of the immediate area has been spotty at best. As a former recent resident of Baton Rouge, I was devastated to see what was happening to an area that had become my home. I just want to let my readers and friends from that area know my thoughts and tell them I am thinking of them. Praying for them. Crying for them.

I lived in Baton Rouge for less than five years and in that time I was hooked. The friendliness. The acceptance. OMG, the FOOD! I made lifelong friends. I had memorable experiences. I lived. I recently read a blog about the lack of news coverage of the flooding and the author explained the addiction of Louisiana as “getting in your blood.” And she is right.

I’ve seen so many pictures of the devastation. The ones below are of the street that I lived on…

My former home is behind the trees in the bottom right corner of the second one.

Elijah's school is near where this one was taken. The schools in the parish will be closed, at my last reading, until next week or longer...

Elijah cried when he saw this. Broke his heart.

The attached link is a drone video of the area where I lived. I broke down while watching it. Each time I watched it. I finally had to quit watching it.

Please watch so you know what these people are experiencing. I truly hope you do and after doing so, please pray that they can get their lives back together after going through all of this.

This next (and last I will add) is of a road I traveled so many times. My daughter worked near here. We shopped in Denham Springs all the time. Lived one exit up. I have friends who lived here who lost everything. God bless them.

But this is not about me. It's about friends. Former neighbors. The first responders. The "Cajun Navy". The families who have lost everything. The loved ones of those who died. The displaced pets, livestock and wildlife.

And for those who feel guilty that they didn't lose anything, don't. God spared you so that you can help others. Feel thankful. As a friend put it, "I'm thankful to have a dry roof over my head while I have phone problems, a dry chair to sit on while I wear my own clean clothes and the same pot I've had for 15 years to boil that water in."

Now I ask that you please continue to pray for these people who live in the areas affected. Send donations if you can. There are quite a few ways to do it and you can easily Google to find them. Here's a link to help you too...  Amazon offers ways of sending supplies. Salvation Army. Red Cross. There are a lot of ways. Please help!

Thank you.

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